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Sorry it’s so long, but I know that many of the healthboard users are extremely knowledgeable, and I am hoping for some ideas as to what my problem is, and how I might go about a more speedy and full recovery. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Symptoms started beginning of September 2004. Initially thought I was over-tired (studying over 20 hours a week and working full-time for past three years). Tried resting /getting more sleep. Over next two or three week symptoms worsened, put it down to over- tiredness and being run-down.

By October, I was off work thinking it was flu. Symptoms included constant giddiness and light-headedness, feeling of pressure and head pains (top right-hand side) no movement of environment (not eased by pain killers – nurofen, paracetamol etc) would not describe pain as throbbing or sharp, headache – eased by pain-killers, physical and mental exhaustion, and aching limbs (climbing stairs etc). Also, problems maintaining conversation, poor short-term memory/concentration, problems reading – sometimes seemed to jump words, having read even just a sentence unable to understand or remember it. Also very quietly spoken, put this down to lack of energy. No earache, cold, cough, or sore throat. No problem sleeping, something I seem to spend most of my time doing.

Saw my GP and had blood tests and chest x-ray. X-ray confirmed chest infection, showed a shadow (at the time I thought he said part of my lung had collapsed). Put symptoms down to the chest infection, prescribed two courses of antibiotics. Surprised I didn’t have a temperature. Tried returning to work towards end of October still feeling extremely unwell – same symptoms but found I was unable to project my voice (sounded as if I had taken helium). No sore throat. Off work sick again. Voice worsened even when speaking normally, also appeared to be some association between breathing and voice. Realised intensity of head pain (and headache) associated with movement – only resting/sleeping normally eases pain. Even vibration of walking appeared to make the pain worse and sometimes found even resting my head on a pillow painful. Antibiotics for respiratory infection eventually resolved voice problem. Blood tests indicated I have mild diabetes. Saw an ENT consultant, he said the head pain and other symptoms were due to diabetes, making me more prone to infection and something about blood vessels in my head.

Towards the end of December – had acupuncture sessions. This relieved headache on left-hand side of head but no change to pain on right-hand side. Experienced hot flushes during the evening and night (would wake me four or five times – no perspiration) for about a week. Head pain gradually spread to left hand side before easing. After nearly three months off work sick, the symptoms are very slow clearing; but even now I still suffer from constant head pain (still mainly on the right hand side) and excessive tiredness but managing to work full time.

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