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[QUOTE=deejavu]Hi Lamotta,

I never tried to "convince" anyone that they have Lyme Disease. You misinterpreted my posts. I basically said that I believe it's a good idea for any suffering from Chronic Fatigue to get checked for Lyme as Chronic Fatigue has many of the same symptoms as Lyme Disease.

No doctor can "swindle" anyone to believing that have Lyme for the reason being that one must be tested and have medical proof that either they have Lyme or they don't.

Yes, Chronic Fatigue is a "Disorder" which I was diagnosed with many years ago. But I questioned my diagnosis and researched it for over 6 years.

To my knowledge, there is no medical proof of what causes Chronic Fatigue and in my opinion, it is a made-up name that doctors use to diagnose someone when they can't find the "real problem". I am not saying that the "real problem" is Lyme, I am saying the Lyme is a possibility. There are many other possibilities of the cause of Chronic Fatigue which could be depression, another bacterial infection, and the list goes on.

If you want to believe you have Chronic Fatigue and settle for that, that's your choice. I didn't settle for that diagnosis and because of that, I found out that I have Lyme Disease, not a fun disease, but it's a real disease and can be treated.


A Lyme Literate Doctor cannot swindle his/her patients, eh? Thats incredible that you might say that. First of all, I know for a FACT that these physicians will diagnose patients for Lyme Disease improperly. I'll tell you a story of something that happened to a patient that lives near me...

There was a woman complaining of fatigue, memory loss, weakness, joint pains, and malaise. She, like so many, had heard of the big Lyme Disease scare and bought into the hype. She went to a highly recommended Lyme Literate Doctor in the area and he immediately said, "oh yes, you definitely have Lyme Disease." The real KICKER here is her blood tests may or may not have shown a positive ELISA/Western Blot but that doesn't matter anyway, because guess what...the majority of these physicians will tell you that the test is highly flawed and can't be relied on! So he put her on Rocephin IV, which is hands down the best medication available to treat Lyme Disease and the most expensive, and kept her on it for months and then years because her symptoms were still persistant.

"We have to keep battling this disease," he told her, "Lyme disease is very difficult to treat and it could take years of antibiotics to rid you of it..." "Ok," the woman said, "I'll keep taking it." Being as how Rocephin is an incredibly expensive medication which can cost around $12,000 to $14,000 a month, this woman was having tremendous financial difficulties keeping up with the costs. She was convinced that she had to keep up on it, so she had to sell her home and most of her more expensive belongings. Finally, after over a year and $100,000 spent on Rocephin therapy, the woman was STILL suffering from her illness and was becoming extremely desperate and then finally decided to see an Infectious Disease Specialist.

After a careful evaluation of her symptoms, blood work, and her long history of being on antibiotics, the physician met up with her and had to tell her some really bad turned out that this poor woman NEVER had Lyme Disease in the first place! She was actually suffering from MS! Over a year and $100,000 completely wasted! Luckily they got it under control in time for her.

I assure you that this story is completely the truth as it was told to me by MY Infectious Disease Specialist after I told him that I thought I may have Lyme Disease. The point of this story is this...

1) If you ever think you may have Lyme Disease, see an Infectious Disease Specialist FIRST...they will give you the facts and cut through all the hype.

2) NEVER let any doctor convince you to try the most expensive IV medications first without at least attempting the oral ones...this is the oldest trick in the book to seperate people from thousands of dollars and many Lyme Literate Doctors are getting a piece of that action...don't let 'em fool ya.

3) Don't let anyone convince you that years of antibiotics are required to cure Lyme just isn't true...a LARGE majority of REAL Lyme sufferers will be cured within a couple of months and usually start feeling much better with 2-3 weeks...that is a fact!

4) Just as in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you should definitely eliminate ALL other possible causes before thinking that Lyme Disease is your problem...this kind of thinking could save you lots of money and maybe even your life someday.

5) Never let a positive ELISA/Western Blot blood test be the definitive answer in your diagnosis. Lyme Literate Doctors can so easily mislead you with this one because they lead you to believe the test is flawed when it shows negative and that its strong evidence for Lyme Disease when it shows positive...see the scam here? Once and for all, these tests are NOT designed to diagnosis Lyme Disease....only confirm a diagnosis. These tests only measure the antibodies to the Borrelia Burdorferi bacteria and NOT the actual bacteria itself. Because of the poor ability to diagnose Lyme Disease properly, there is still a lot of myths surrounding it...Stay On Your Toes And Keep Well Informed!

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