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I came down with a very bad case of mono in September. I was literally "dead on my feet" (when I could stand up) for 2 months. After that, I started feeling a little better, but still extemely tired. Well, it is eight, going on nine months later and I am still VERY exhausted. I eat well, try to exercise, take vitamins, drink plenty of water, ect. But I just can not get back my health/energy. I actually suffered from fatigue long before I was diagnosed with mono, so I believe I have actually had it for close to a year before I was so sick that I was finally dignosed. My tests no longer show that I have mono and all my other tests are pretty much normal, as they have always been. What is going on? My doctor suggest chronic fatigue syndrome, but is there even a test for that? If so, I don't believe there are any treatments, are there? I am living my life but with about 75% less energy than I had before, and my mind is not as sharp as it used to be before I was sick. Please help anyone.

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