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Some other symptoms that I have are when I work out my nose and inner thighs will get all tingly, which is a sign of a nerve or circulation problems, my guess is circulation but im not sure. When I eat food I seem to space out really bad, my vision blurs to the point that I cant read anything(this happens to my mom too). Weight gain seems to be a problem, even though I can control it, I know this because my brother, who cant control his eating habits(due to abnormal mental disabilities, of which doctors cant pinpoint), is pretty large, hes probaby pushing 280-300lbs, which is alot for my family. I also dont seem to be as strong as other people, mentally, Im not sure how I can explain that though. Anyways after working for two and a half hours today I feel pretty drained, I can still function and everything, but something just isnt right. Its almost like I start getting mental confusion and my brain panics to the point that I have to stop working, so I go as long as I can and then just go home. My sleeping seems to be fine, I can go to bed when I want, getting up is pretty tough though and I seem to need around 10 hours of sleep most of the time. My hands get cold really easy, sometimes ill shake hands with someone and theyll state that my hands are freezing. If I think of anything else Ill post,

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