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I really think our American diet and lifestyle has a lot to do with this!! I have a lot of the symptoms of CFS and the docs have believed I've had it for several years. I keep constant sinus infections and I have all my life!! Very tired most days but ocassionally I'll have a great day and feel like I can conquer the world!! Have you read the Yeast Syndrome? It gives some possible cures! I found out I had candidia (overgrowth of yeast) when I was pregnant with my first and couldn't take any meds for it until I quite breastfeeding so it had a chance to grow! A radical change in your diet may help!! My whole family has been plagued with sinus problems all our life and I feel like the constant use of antibiotics may have allowed the yeast problems! Allergies can make you seem exhausted, too!! I also have the Ebstein Barr!! Drink lots of water to flush out toxins, eat veggies, adequate sleep, and exercise!! Our bodies where not designed to take in the amount of junk, stress and etc we have become accustomed to! Go to your local library as there is wealth of info there, too!! Try to make a major change in your lifestyle now as the longer you wait the harder it gets!!! Since my doc found low thryoid I feel some better!! I think a lot of mine is allergies!! My chiropractor says to get off dairy products!! My litte girls ear infections stopped when I put her on soy milk!! Try eliminating a different food from your diet for one week, then add back and check your reaction!! It's like looking for a needle in a haystack when our symptoms are they same for so many different illnesses!!
Best of luck!!!

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