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I am a 19 year old female and i have suffered from glandular fever for a year now but the blood test shows the virus is not currently active whcih leads me to suspect post viral fatigue...or something.
A lot of my symptoms are consistent with what people who suffer from CFS describe...nausea, occasional balance problems, and a lot of the others.
The most worrying thing for me are the headaches which seem to happen in cycles, i will be fine for about three weeks and then have an almost constant headache for about two or so(this varies) at other times i have feelings of pressure or fullness i also noticed that since having glandular fever i notice more weird visual things... floaters(i am very short sighted) sparkling in bright lights, also one of my pupils is occasionally larger than the other..i have had this checked out by an opthamologist and he said there was nothing wrong with my eyes.I also find that i get flashes of light in one eye that beat in time to my heart, this happens when i sit down after short bursts of activity. I seem to have all these crazy, transient symptoms that go and then come's driving me nuts! i'd love to hear from anyone who has experienced anything like this.

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