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[quote]Originally posted by kittykicker:
[b]Hello, Dont know whats wrong with me. I have been told in the past when I was 14 that I have a under active thyroid. I been also told that I have low blood pressure. With low iron count. I had mono in the past as well at 14. I was very hiper as a child up until the age of 10. My thyroid now is showing negitive. Im 23 now. And all doctors blame it on being depressed. I beleave that if a person is in poor health they will be depressed no matter what. When I stand for too long I get tired and dizy. Sometimes my stomack hurts. I been threw many jobs. Very hard to keep active. I forget lots of things. All the time. I sometimes repeat my self, forgetting that I told someone it 15 min. ago. I notice that my tonge brakes out in small razer like cuts when I eat foods with lots of acid or salt. I have a hard time with milk I get bad gass pains and the lactate free milk does not seem to help.I have a very,very high sex drive.People say I shoulden't feel that way.
I eat 2 meals a day. Fish,chicken,rice,grapes,popcorn-plane, low fat peanut butter, on a apple,lettus and fatfree icecream once a week. I try to nock salt out of my diet. It sounds healthy right? Then why do I feel tired? I sleep 16 hours a day.I don't drink much water.Im never thursty.Maybe 16oz a day. Im up at night. Seems like I feel alittle better at 2am then I do the rest of the day. Its very strange.I get night sweats. I need the fan on all the time. I eaven have a hard time cleaning house with out feeling the dizy tired.
Ive tried multie vitamans in the past too. No diffrence other then using the bathroom alittle more often.My pms is very bad aswell. I get mad and cry for no reason. Im out of ancers. And most people I talk to don't know what to tell me.[/b][/quote]
I had night sweats like you when I was first hypoglycemic. Other hypoglycemic symptoms I had at the time (that you also mention) were high sex drive, felt better later in the day, tired, dizzy, some digestive things, can't concentrate.

I also was hypothyroid & have adrenal insufficency. Adrenal problems can cause hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, and a need for salt. In my case, my body loses salt, and I need to eat it throughout the day.

You may want to look up hypoglycemia on the internet. Try eating at least 6 times a day with protein (& fat) in every snack/meal. It won't hurt anything to try it.

I don't know of anyone else who has had night sweats, so your post caught my eye. :)


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