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Oh Finaly someone I can relate to I cannot believe this. I am a 20 year old female who has almost exactly the same symptoms that you are describing.My illness started when I was thirteen yrs old and I have been despretly searching for an answer since. It started with extreme fatigue where to this day I can sleep 22 hrs staight without waking up and when i do I still feel unrefreshed. I still need to sleep at least 16 hrs a night 1-2 nights a week. My sleeping habits have only changed now because I am on adderal a stimulant to keep me awake. At about 14 yrs old my foot pain started I would come home from work barly being able to walk. I could not take long walks or walk more than 20 minutes in the mall with my friends. I was given orthotics for my shoes and put on bextra an inti-inflamatory everyday which only helped a little.Somewhere around this time i'm not sure exactly when because my teenage yrs have been so foggy to me since i have sleeped them away, but I started to experience intence aches and soreness in my muscles all over my body which only got worse with less sleep. Then since this past march I have had really bad pain in my lower back and hip area. As of june this has spread to my entire back and neck. I am scared to death because I know this illness is spreading and I feel I am all alone my friends don't understand and people think I am making it up. I am now on oxycotin for the pain after spending my birthday in the hospital and 3 days without eating or sleepng. I have seen more doctors than I can remeber ,had every single blood test, mri, x-ray and other test you can think of all coming up negative. Last month I travled 3 hrs to a specialist in fibromiaga & cronic fatigue and he could offer me nothing. I am seeing 5 doctors currently including a naturopathic doctor and also have an appointment with a hypnotist to see if they can uncover the underlying cause. I have started filling out the forms for partial disability in case god for bid iI need it because right now it kills me to work. I'm so tired of crying myself to sleep and I am running out of ideas as well as hope. But I would greatly appreasiate someone to talk to who understands what I am going through that would make all the difference. If there if anyone out there who can help me or just offer me some comfort I would be so greatful. thank you all for listening

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