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"There is a strong mental/psychological link between what you eat and your mood. When you are used to eating a certain amount of simple sugars, carbs, and calories in a day and then cut them out or seriously lower them, you are going to feel terrible for a while! This isn'ta die-off effect, but rather more like a withdrawal takes time for your body and mind to readjust to the change in will experience extreme cravings and feel really run down and irritable. This is completely normal and even healthly individuals will go through this. In fact, its what makes dieting as hard as it is. "

I have experienced "withdrawl" symptoms of dieting which are annoying vs the die off symptoms of yeast which make you want to die. Skin burning, numbness of extremities, total confusion to where I couldn't concentrate at all or make any sense, headaches unlike any other ever experienced, extreme chemical smell sensitivities yet totally unable to smell or taste food at all. I accused my husband of secretly poisoning me as that is what it felt like!!

Intestinal bloating, flatus, severe muscle and joint aches all only for about a week then leveling off. Dare to try any sugar or fruit even once and have it start all over again. Dieting has never kept me away from work, killing off yeast has.

Yes the body attempts to keep blood glucose at a normal level at all times, but some of us overreact to the sugar that is injested, pump out too much insulin etc, then there is insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome or syndrome X or whatever they are calling it today... all these things being found to contribute to disease processes in the body. Add Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and there is one big hormonal mess of which no doctor has been able to offer me any way to manage successfully.

Doing a simple diet along with antifungals got me out of a mess in 1988, I was told I would be on steroids for the rest of my life due to severe allergic reactions and angioedema after multiple courses of antibiotics for a "sinus infection". Didn't happen, I stayed off all meds and stayed pretty healthy and very active until the past two years when we stirred things up with antibiotics again and I had let my guard down, eating a good but not great diet and ignoring minor symptoms which then became major.

The same treatment got me out of one big mess again where no doctor could help me, I am able to live a normal life again on no medications, where is the problem in that?

I hope someone does find out why some peoples immune systems are out of whack. My daughter already has develped allergies to several medications and has had multiple problems with vaginal candidiasis being resistant to treatment.
My mother died from a sulfa drug reaction. I cannot take many medications without having an allergic reaction or developing a sensitivity to the drug or a component of it.
Can't help but think some of this is genetic.

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