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I am so frusterated I have been suffering for seven years with this horrible, painful dibilitating undiagnosed illness.I have seen at least 15+ doctors for my symptoms and they all shake there heads and refer me to someone else, so they don't have to admite that were not smart enough to find the problem. meanwhile seven yrs of agony & misery has given me plenty of time to do my own homwork on my illness. I have had every blood test known to man, you name it I have been pocken in the arm for it, lime, lupus, thiroid, arthritus, cancer, etc., x-rays,CT scans, sleep studies. I have read and read and ruled out all other ilnesses like fibro (almost positive because I don't have the tender points),MS, Hepatitus C, pretty much everything. So here I am I have made sure that I have soaked up all the information I can on cfs and gotten all my facts straight, I am 99% positve I have all the symptoms to qualify for CFS. I have talked to my PC about this and the reum. specialist I just saw and gotten no where. When I was about 13-14yrs old I got sich w/strept troat & after that experienced an Incredible fatigue that has never gone away.That's when all the fun tests started. I had all kinds, two for mono both negative, travled back & forth 2hrs to boston every wk to see doctors & specialists
because I was constantly sleeping 20 hrs a day and waking up exsausted. Finally my third mono test was positive. After that STILL to this day I am not quite the same. I started experiencing excrusiating foot pain and could barely walk and the end of the day at 14 yrs old. I was given special orthotics and put on anti-inflatories everyday. Then the muscle and body aches started everyday a couple yrs later. My body felt like I had done an Intence workout and you know how the next day after you haven't worked out for a while you feel really sore? That's what I have woken up to everyday for the past 6 yrs torture. I was put on meds for depression,mood & anxiety and in 2 yrs at 16yrs old had gained 67 lbs. I had to drop out of H.S. and wk 3 days per wk. I don't remember much of my adolecent & teenage yrs. because I literly have sleeped them away. A typical day for me at age 17 was being awake only 4-6 hours a day. It makes me cry to think I have already lost the time and memories of a third of my life, a priceless childhood robbed from me, that can never be returned. I also have lost my ability to grow into the real person that I know I should be, instead of the disabled, helpless,depressed miserable 20 yr old girl I am right now. I know deep down I am intellegent and articulate, funny and outgoing, opinionated and a strong independent young women, and I was ment to be something, ment to be somebody in this world. At least thats what I try to still belive but it gets harder and harder to hold these words true to my soul. Anyways back to my story just when I thought my physical pain could never, ever get worse (God does not have that sick of a sence of humer, right?)when 6 months ago suddenly one day I had really bad pain inmy lower back. Now I have never experienced pain in my upper body so this really frightned me to death. I wated a couple of days and it still didn't go away this pain was so intense nothing like I have ever experienced in my life. I couldn't stand it and had to got to the ER three days after it started, they gave me pain killers, which I wasn't to excited about, but it took the edge off and helped me cope for a while. Meanwhile I had more x-rays taken (Dr. told me he has never seen more perfect back x-rays, I cringed when he said this hoping he would find SOMETHING WRONG to explaine all of this. I started acupunture which did nothing and began seeing the most kind, caring, validating chiropracter in the world twice a week. Though the Chiropractor has been wonderful for info, valadation that this is all real, and the most suppotive doctor I have ever met, I have not had any relief. I don't really think he is making my pain worse ,but all I know is the pain has drastically increased & now spread to my intire back and neck and radiates down my butt,leggs, and into my arms this pain is something that I can never even describe to you, it is so horrifying. Although my past severe depression is totally under controll now, I find myself not suisidal really, but just face the feeling of complete missery and hopelessness everyday. I don't wan't to kill myself at all like the depression I used to have it is just that I have no quality of life anymore and there is no point to it all. I just want to be out of pain for once in my life. Im so tired & drained after all these years (and not just physically)fighting with doctors and searching for an answer or medicine constantly consumes your soul after a while, it ages you, not in the way time does but in the way stress and going through lifes **** does. When I was 13 people thought I was 20, 16 they thought I was 24, and now at 20 yrs old I just feel like I am 90. I'm sure someone reading this knows what I am talking about with these tpyes of illnesses ageing you. I am so completly consumed with fear of this monster 3 weeks ago I wook up and my fingers & toes were all swelled up & sore I could hardly bend them at all. When will this ever stop hasn't it already taken enough from me my life, friends, happiness, career it's killing my mother too, she cries everday to have to watch her baby girl go through so much at such a young age. That's the worst part by far for me. So I am honestly from the bottom of my heart I am asking, pleading, beging someone to help me and give me some advice and answers. I know you guys arn't doctors or anything, but skrew that doctors abviosly don't know anything or else I wouldn't be here. I know the answers that you hold are so much more valuable and informative than coming from a cold hearted docter that hasn't experienced any of it. So If anyone has even taking the time to read this post that is so much longer than it was a originaly supposed to be(sorry needed to vent) and has ANY info for me at all, ANYTHING, It would mean the world to me. If you think my symptoms sound like CFS,FMS, or anyhting else you think it sounds like. Do you have any advice about how to get a doctor to diognose me? Do you know of any good doctors I can see in massachussets or anywhere? Does everyone else have a lot of morning stiffness & aches,& pain is worse in A.M. & P.M.?Is anyone else also diagnosed w/depression,anxiety or bi-pol.? If anyone ever ever needs someone to talk, listen, or just be a friend will be here for you guys if you need me. Just ask. I know what it is like to feel all alonein a whole world full of people. My deepest thanks t everyone who has read this or responded to me.
Other symtoms:headaches,nightsweats, heavy sweating,anxiety,blurred vision,allerigies,exzema& itchy hives, irritable bowle syndrome,constapation,hypoglysemia,brain fog,memory loss/consentration prob.difficulty learning & retaining information.

Hi Krissy,

I am new to this site and to the whole "board posting thing" but I came across your post and thought I might share something with you. Keep in mind I have not read all of your posting and I have only seen part of your symptoms but if you are experiencing muscular pain I recommend taking some great vitamins with an emphasis on Magnesium, you want the Malate type. There are several types of magnesium but magnesium malate is the best for muscle aches. Perhaps you are depleted for what ever reason. I use this and it is a life savor.

You also may want to see a chiropractor who specializes in C-1 C-2 adjustments. Which means, the chiropractor only adjusts the first 2 vertebrae to take the pressure off the brain stem. If there is slightest pressure on the brain stem it can cause a variety of symptoms. Muscle cramps, fatigue, bladder issues, digestive issues, blurry vision, headaches, confusion, forgetfulness, exhaustion, fatigued muscles, leg pain and so much more. I know because I fell down the stairs head first 3 years ago and the medical field has not been able to diagnose me but when I see the chiropractic specialist my symptoms either decrease or completely go away until my neck goes out again. Anyways,,, as I said before, I am not sure of all of your symptoms but I know i have had many of the tests you've had including lymes and fibro, but so far the adjustments have been working for me. Just thought I would share. Hope you don't mind.

There is a "upper cervical specialist" in Watertown, MA
called "Trevens Specific Chiropractic" I recommend this, they have saved my life and given me back some normalcy.

good luck. leesha2

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