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Krissy - I am here for you!

Recently in my own quest for a diagnosis, I have been researching Lyme disease and a lot of the symptoms you describe sound a lot like it:

Extreme fatigue, malaise, new onset seasonal allergies, pain that migrates, unexplained weight-gain or loss, joint pain/swelling, stiffness of joints, back,or neck, pelvic pain, burning or stabbing pain, weakness, numbness, tingling, pinpricks, lightheadness, brain fog/confusion, mood swings, irritability, depression, anxiety, short or long term memory loss/forgetfulness, too much sleep or insomnia, night sweats, sore throat, stiff or painful neck, double or blurry vision,sensitivity to light, constipation/diarrhea, irritable bladder, upset stomach, nausea, ringing in ears, vertigo, etc.

These are only SOME of the symptoms from a list I printed out last night. I know you did mention that you were tested for Lyme already but from what I read, the tests are extremely unreliable. Also, you don't always have a rash - something like 40% of people with Lyme never had any rash.

Just something to think about. Maybe you should see an infectious disease doctor. In the meantime, hang in there - I know it is hard and really sucks not having a diagnosis when all you want to do is justify your symptoms and know you're not crazy!

I will be praying for you.

Take care and God bless,
Renee :angel:

1982 Fusion surgery for scoliosis with stainless steel Harrington Rod (T5 - L3) using pelvic bone for grafting
1999 Neck problems began
2001 Cervical Kyphosis
2002 Diagnosed with Epstein-Barr (level was 7+) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
2003 3 Herniated Cervical Discs - C4 thru C7. One disc (C5-6) pressing on the spinal cord (no nerve root compression) causing leg weakness, tingling, burning and numbness - diagnosed with myelopathy and ACDF recommended.
2/24/03 One-Level Anterior Cervical Discectomy with donor bone and titanium plate (C5-6)
Post 2/03 - Symptoms returned and worsening. Weakness in my legs is like walking against a 50 mph wind - pain in lower back and all the way down my right leg to the ankle - vertigo, muscle spasms in trunk and legs
7/03 MRI of lower back just showed some mild DDD
7/03 EEG, BAERS and MRI of brain all normal

[This message has been edited by Renee016 (edited 07-29-2003).]

[This message has been edited by Renee016 (edited 07-29-2003).]

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