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I'm Lucian and I'm 26 years old.

For about a year, ever since I finished with my stress/anxiety problems, I am left with a problem that is really giving me a lot of trouble.

It's about the leg muscles (above the knee) that I feel TENSED and somehow CONTRACTED when working. Basically it happens in any activity in which I am concentrated on something and I am NOT relaxed.

For example, if I stay in front of the computer more than 15-20 minutes, I have the sensation that my muscles are somehow becoming tensed and contracted. I am not talking of big muscles cramps here, I just feel they are becoming more tensed. Before the stress problems that lasted 2 years, I had never experienced this, so it's clearly because of these problems in the past. I finished with the stress and anxiety about a year ago, but this problem hasn't gone away ever since. I felt it even worst at that time.

Also, I noticed a strange thing: if my daily meals are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc (ENERGY basically), I encounter the problem on a much larger scale. On the other side, if for at least 2 days I'm eating something that is low in vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc, I feel much better over the next days - I no longer feel the muscles tensed. I feel good for as long as I eat very little and basically LOW IN ENERGY. But this is not the answer for this problem, if I do this for a long time, I will get anemia for sure.

ANOTHER interesting thing... all the times when I have this problem, I am also feeling very TIRED when I wake up in the morning and I feel my body as being made of 'LEAD', sort of saying. I feel it 'heavy' by the way that I move it. It also gives out a BAD SWEAT.

I noticed that if I take some Magnesium, I am feeling somehow better. The problem is that when I stop getting Mg, all the symptoms come back.

Do you have ANY idea what could this be and what could I do to overcome it? Is it Mg deficiency? I did the blood tests and the Mg seric level was as normal as possible (it was 2.01 mg/dl and the normal levels were said to be 1.58 - 2.55).

Thank you very much,


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