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I want to share this with everyone that have problems with headaches, dizziness, and fatigue and have not found answers to their problems. I had chronic headaches for nearly 10 years combined with fatigue , feeling tired most of the day, even after 8 hours sleep. In the last few years, symptoms got worse. I started getting dizzy and feeling foggy most of the time. I am not overweight, and I exercise regularly. I went through numerous doctors and went through MRIís and other tests with negative results. Most Doctors just diagnosed me with sinus and inner ear problems and placed me on various sinus and dizzy pills (nothing worked and the medications made me worse) Finally this year , at age 39, I referred myself to an Ears ,Nose, Throat Doctor (without my primary care physicianís blessings) - after I came across information on the internet about sleep apnea. The doctor agreed to refer me to a sleep study. The study found I stopped breathing over a minute long numerous times and woke many many times ( I thought I slept soundly the entire night). I was diagnosed with severe air obstruction sleep apnea. Wow, I knew I snored , but I didnít know it was slowly killing me. Surgery should correct this and the problems caused by this will hopefully go away. In case you havenít researched Sleep Apnea and itís symptoms Ė please do. If you think it could be the answer to your problems, talk to your doctor. Beware though - it may take a lot of prompting to get your doctor to order the right tests for you to rule this out. Brent

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