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Help! Help! Help!
May 25, 2005
I have already posted a thread on this before but now I am even more confused than ever..

3 weeks ago I came down with a fever of 102 and severe toncilitis which lasted for almost 2 weeks. I had several viral sores in my mouth and white stuff on my tonsils and had a lack of appetite, nauseau and fatigue. The dr told me I had a virus and I would get better. He ran a cbc w/ differential which was all normal. Finally the sore throat and fever subsided and a few days later I was still just not feeling right ( i was tired, nauseaus, couldnt eat etc) I went back to the dr who ran another cbc, an ANA and full liver panel. Again, the cbc was all normal, the ANA was negative but my ast/alt enzymes were high. They climbed into the 1,000's range. My dr asked if I had been exposed to Mono and I said yes, I had it when I was 15. He still decided to do a full CMV and EBV profile.

Turns out he called last Thursday saying I had acute mono. I asked for a copy of the test which I am sitting here looking at but it makes no sense to me. It says I do not have any CMV antibodies but all of my EBV profiles are positive. I am confused because I thought they were always supposed to remain positive in your body. My dr said that the IGM is the one to look for and that since the numbers are so high, it suggests a reoccurance. I really need some advice and some answers. I feel like I am being given the runaround. I am almost sure you can not get acute mono again, but he is saying his tests suggest otherwise.

Anyone else in this situation, or can anyone share their wisdom with me? I am at my wits end!

thankyou!!! :confused:

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