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Hello to all you suffering tonsilectomy patients. I'm 20 years old and on day 2 of recovery from having my tonsils removed. So far no pain. My throat isn't much more sore than getting tonsilitis itself. This could be from the remaining anestetic in my body or the couple of morphine shots they gave me when I woke up. I found it helped drastically to ask the nurse taking care of me to give me a few shots of gravol with my anestetic to reduce any chance of nausea and worked quite well. The only problem I've been having is my throat is very phlegmy and I continue to gag on it. I've been trying to throw up to get it out but seeing as I have only been eating potato chips, popsicles and frozen yogurt there's nothing in my stomach to get rid of. So I suppose I will have to continue to gag for a while longer. It's lessoned quite a bit since I have been gargling with novo-benzydamine but still continues to gag at times if I happen to swallow when not necessary. I've also been drinking mint tea to clear up any stuffiness I had. I find the warmth helps with the phlegm as well. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can get rid of this? I've even tried gingerale. My friend's mom is a nurse and she said the bubbles usually tame this feeling quite a bit. Just my luck, I'll have to wait till the swelling goes down until I can swallow. My suggestion to anyone with kids or even adults going through this is drink LOTS of water and gingerale. It helps to heal quicker. Don't eat anything with red food dye in it for the first little while either because if you do throw up then you won't know if you're bleeding or if it's just dye. Oh, one more matter how bad you feel, get up, walk around, don't lay in bed all the time or else you'll end up stiff and sore like me :( Not the best feeling in the world.

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