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I have had this off and on my whole life. My symptoms flare up after a bout of a virus of any kind. But here goes. My muscles ache like I have over exercised them, my nerve endings feel like some one has taken my arm and twisted the skin one way with one hand and the opposite direction with the other at the same time. When you touch certain areas of my skin it hurts and there are some times little lumps that are sore and then they go away to appear some where else. Massage helps sometimes and other times not. I am stiff every time I sit for more than 10 minutes when I get up to walk. As long as I keep moving I do not hurt so much. As for fatigue, it does not matter how much I sleep or how little I sleep, most of the time I am tired and sometimes more foggy than others. On a day of clear thinking I can go from one room to another without having to say out loud to myself what I am going there for., On a bad day I can not remember what I am doing for 5 minutes. I cope with this by talking to myself out loud. At work people used to laugh at me for talking to my self. I told them not to get concerned unless I started answering myself in the third person. But this is a grounding exercise that helps me push through the fog. I have learned that my diet contributes to the fogginess and for the most part I have learned to leave commerical bread products alone and eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Citrus products and green leafy vegetables without the croutons and without a creamy dressing work the best as well as lightly prepared other vegetables. A little bit of chicken and a good light fish work as well. I avoid fried foods unless impossible such as dinners I did not plan or serve, but when I do get stuck eating the menu, I have a flair up that puts me at home with symptoms of flu,. I run a fever of about 100.0-100.4 when these flair ups happen. It is a true bummer. I also think it is a combination disease with Fibromyalgia which I truly think is diet related allergies and immune system triggers.

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