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For me it went like this:

One day im fine and working 40 hours a week the next day I have a flu like nothing I have ever experianced. Basically this flu has lasted two years, well two on 6/24 at 9:45 am. Thats right, I know exactally when I died right down to the minute, a lot of people with CFIDS do. Fatigue is not even close to what I feel, complete exaustion is. Every part of my body is effected. As far as sleep, I dont. I call it half sleep, I never get a deep sleep. When I wake my legs ache in pain, joints and muscles. I feel cold all the time and hot as well yet except for that first week never run a fever, it rarly gets over 97! The sensations are numerous and debilitating. What started as tingling moved to buzzing and is know vibrating. My lowered blood pressure has resulted in 24/7 lightheaded and dizziness. My ears and nose is stuffed and has been since the beginning. My eyes are very screwed up, they dont track right and are light sensetive. My brain feels very foggy, I cant concentrate and forget where I am at, like being in a dream. When the weather is bad all of these symptoms increase and so does my urine output, around 13-14 times a day. I just recently found out this is quite common in CFIDS. Theres more but im tired of complaining about it.

Just being tired does not mean you have CFIDS, lazy Drs. use it like a crutch. I will say this, the ten years prior to my illness I felt change in my body that I know led to where I am today. feeling tired during the day and wired at night. Skin changes like flushing, nail fungus and blisters/cracking of hands. Depression and anxiety. Sore throats, enlarged lymph nodes in groin, swollen glands in neck. All sorts of gastro problems.

I guess it depends on what kind of Dr. you see to what the diagnosis will be. My GP says CFIDS, and I had to lead her into that direction. My Rhumatologist says Fibro/CFIDS and my new Dr. an LLMD of coarse says lymes, I did however test positive to Babesia. I have also tested + to EBV, CMV, HHV-6, ANA sinusitus and left ear is off 27% The three herpes viruses I have are very common in CFIDS and most patients test + to 1 of 3 or 2 of three. I guess I am unlucky for having all three, at least I am not bed ridden like many.

If your doc says you have CFIDS than get him/her to test you for the three herpes viruses and an ANA. If you dont test + to any it does not mean you dont have CFIDS but I would look into other things such as deppresion, allergies or maybe a bad habit like diet, drugs and/or alcohol. CFIDS is not much of a diagnosis and definatly does not pinpoint the problem. There is a huge list of things that can cause CFIDS. It is a process of elimination. I guess if there is a true CFIDS than it would be considered a post viral syndrome since this is the only cause that has no identity. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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