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Could my symptoms possibly fit in with a CFS diagnose? I’m desperate, and are using all my resources in search for an explaination. If you have an opinion or an idea that could help me forward, please let me know.

I am a 19 year old male. I have a long list of symptoms, but so far nobody has been able to give me a diagnose. I was a very healthy youth until about two-three years ago. I have been ‘out of business’ for more than a year, and still I dont see the end of the tunnel. I am not able neither to go to school nor to work. I am at home – that’s it. Not necessary to say, I am very grateful for any hint that could help me forward. I just can’t stand it anymore.

I have seen several specialists. To shorten the list of alternatives MS, MG and psychiatric illness are ruled out. I have also taken B12 injections over a period of a few months.

I feel fatigue all the time.
I have monocular double vision.
I have a strange feeling of not knowing the positions of my limbs.
I am not able to concentrate on intellectual tasks (like solving maths).
(A few minutes of work, and I am totally wiped out)
To drive a vehicle is totally out of question – I would have to think over where to find brakes, clutch etc.
I need more time (than before) to recover after physical exercise
I feel clumsy (unprecise movements)

There are indications of stress - urine and blood samples show slightly elevated DA, NA and cortisole. Blood tests also shows a little elevated AST – reason not known. I have experienced differences in left/right hand surface temperature at several occasions (approx. 2 degrees). I had a positive tilt table test I have had periods with elevated HR.

I have taken three cerebral MRI and one MRI angio - all negative. I have taken a SPECT – which indicated decreased CBF in parietal lobe and cerebellum – reason unknown. The EEG is normal, but ERP showed ‘something’.

Drugs which are reported to have dopamine stimulating effect (e.g. ritalin, effexor) make all my symptoms worse. I don’t smoke, but more or less by accident , I once smoke a cigarette. Nicotine had a dramatic negative effect, which lasted for hours. Drugs which have effect on alfa and beta receptors (efedrin and others) have effects as expected for healthy persons.

What really confuse doctors is that physical exercise temporarily lightens all my symptoms (but it is very hard to do the exercise !). The effect of exercise may last all day.

Anyone out there who have an opinion or an idea to share ?
Please let me know !!

Jorgen L

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