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Hey there Covered,

Sorry you're having trouble with this; especially at such a young age. I know this sounds contradictory, but have you tried exercise? And what's going on with your depression (especially now that you're off Celexa)? Also, sleeping too much can cause folks to be too tired as well. Before moving to a conclusion of chronic fatigue, try these things (especially now that you've been off the antidepressant for a few months): take a multivitamin (with iron if you tend to be anemic proned; without iron if you don't), get a very stable sleeping schedule of 8-9 hours total. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and then get up at a reasonable hour - without oversleeping. Don't exercise or take a hot bath/shower within 2 hours of going to bed. Every day, find a time you feel the best and use that time to exercise - start slow, but work up gradually to 30-60min per day of whatever activity you're doing. Find some time in the day to do fun things that you really enjoy...something you look forward to. Don't drink ANY caffeine or eat chocolate after 3pm (stimulates will keep you awake at night).

Try it. You may or may not be able to do it based on your fatigue. But, if this isn't truly chronic fatigue syndrome, this program may make you feel better. If you do have chronic fatigue, it may not work. In that case I'd say get to a physician who knows about and can diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome.

Good luck.

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