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That sounds more like chronic fatigue and immune deficiency syndrome. And BTW, a mono spot is not the same thing as a blood test for Epstein Barr Virus. A mono spot is a quick result test, done in about 2-5 minutes, but without a high level of accuracy. It can give false-negatives (IOW - you have mono, but the mono spot comes back negative). Regardless, a mono spot would test for an acute infection (one you recently caught). Most folks catch mono when they're in their teens. A reactivation of Epstein Barr, or significantly elevated levels of IgG antibodies (the antibodies you acquire a long time after you've been exposed to something) would indicate a reduced immune system.

What choices do you have on doctors? Could you find someone who has knowledge of CFIDS? (Typically these folks tend to be a little more open-minded and often believe in using complementary medicine). Do you have a massage therapist or a physical therapist or a nurse who might give you some insight as to local choices?

You might try to pick up a book on CFIDS at the bookstore or library. There are several very good ones. I like David Bell's "The doctor's guide to Chronic fatigue syndrome" and Mary Shomon's "Living well with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia." If you read one of these you may find even more symptoms that correspond (which you've been trying to play off as "just getting older," etc.).

Any hypothyroidism run in your family. Unless you tell me your TSH was between 1 & 1.5, and your Free T4 and Free T3 were in the upper 1/3 range of "normal", I'm not convinced that thyroid isn't involved!

Hang in there!


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