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Hey Atthis,

The oscillations in body temps can happen rather quickly or can be differences over a few hours or throughout the day. Especially if you're dealing with a re-emergence of a virus (like EBV). If you have a mercury thermometer, take your temp first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed. Leave the thermometer in your mouth for at least 7-9 minutes. I know this seems like a long time - but it's most accurate. And it's important that this is a mercury thermometer. I've taken my temp simultaneously by mercury thermometer and by a digital therm, and in the morning they were fairly similar, but in the afternoon, the mercury one was often 1 to 2 degrees different! When you start feeling hot or cold, take your temp again and see what's going on with it. My temp is usually 97.0-97.4 in the mornings, and about 2 months ago it was going up to 100.2 in the afternoons. I was feeling like CRAP. Do you notice any flushing of your face or checks during the times you're feeling warm? Look next time.

Afternoons and evenings is when I feel the worst. I get absolutely comotose and run down. It's when I will get strange temp fluctuations as well.

It is certainly possible that the diet could make you feel tired, but typically, unless a vegan is anemic, they tend to be fairly health (and usually much healthier than the general population). Have you been taking vitamins or iron supplements?

The bronchitis could be a bacterial infection or the result of a bacterial of viral infection that could either be making you sick, or could have started whatever "chain reaction" occurs that starts us down the road of CFIDS/ME. Did you ever feel any better during the antibiotics? What did you take and for how long?

Definitely look for the books and just start reading as much as you can possibly get your hands on. You are going to find a LOT of different suggestions and theories out there. Read them all. Something may apply more to you and your situation. Look at the string Bothrops started, too, entitled "Kali". The string is VERY long, but we talked quite a bit about our personal opinions and problems with different theories. And we both mentioned several different good books there.

I'm sorry you're unable to get testing done, but honestly, you'll find that many of us have gone from doc to doc (as Damzl68 said, she's been to 9) prior to either getting or having a diagnosis suggested to us. Even if your family could afford lots of tests, they may not give you results, or the docs may not agree to test you.

Hang in there, and please stick around this board and let us know how things are going. Natasha is another "youngster" - she's in college - who's been sick for a long time. She's starting back to school this semester, but she'll probably pop back on later.


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