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:confused: Hey everyone. I started school about a month ago at a university. I live on campus. I haven't been exactly eating right and I have done zero exercise so far. I am not overweight, I'm skinny actually with a tiny little gut. For the past week I have been run down and tired. I haven't had a totally solid BM for a while, it is usually mush, I think its the food in the dining hall. My head kinda feels like it is pressured and my eyes hurt and I just don't feel right, yet I'm not overly sick. I have not been getting a whole lot of sleep, my average bed time is from 2- 3 AM.

The other day my chest started hurting on the opposite side of my heart, but not a constant pain, kind of like I pulled something but not sore to the touch. Now today I took a nap for about an hour and a half. Pretty much all day I have felt kind of weak and lazy. On and off I have loss of apettite but like I said in between meals I don't eat right. This seemingly is just me being run down and needing to exercise, eat better and sleep more.

I read this article about a kid from my graduating class (I'm 20) that developed the Eppstein barr virus, it seemed to go away, developed into mono, his spleen ruptured within a week. The day after the spleen rupture he died. He had a rash on his arms and had a fever a few days earlier.

I didn't feel well the other day and felt like I had a slight fever. Now I know mono is almost never fatal and it was for him. I am just scared with being tired and having that slight feverish feeling and the chest pain that I may have it but it seems like my mind is just fooling me and I probably am just run down and pulled a muscle stretching or something. I know this post is long and paranoid but someone give advice please.

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