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Re: Bothrops
Oct 2, 2005
Well, helllllooooo there, you! ;-)

I'm sorry about your non-progress! I've been thinking about you and Natasha and folks here even though I can't come back and talk often. I miss the conversations.

I was having burning pain in my hands continously for months. I'd have it occasionally in my feet when they'd get unbearably cold. I was found to have mild hypothyroidism (TSH 4.7) and talked to my new doc about getting Synthroid. He agreed to put me on it. I was taking 75mg DHEA at the time and within about 2 weeks the burning was GONE. I then stopped the DHEA in order to do some more hormone testing and the burning came back! When I restarted the DHEA, (still taking the thyroid meds) it again left. I think taking BOTH meds boosts my system and circulation enough that it helps with this problem.

My neighbor takes an herbal thyroid supplement that she says helps her. I forget the name, but will try to find it for you.

May I ask, why are you about to lose medicaid? Did new legislation come out that will take you out of eligibility? That sucks. I'm glad you have folks who will help though!

With the viral stuff, I have not found any literature which supports antiviral medication or any treatment. Instead, the CFS info I've found supports trying to boost your immune system. Now the next stuff is off the top of my head, because I don't remember exactly what the research said to use these for, but green tea as well as SAMe is suppose to be beneficial. You might want to look into those.

The swollen lymph nodes is probably from inflammation response caused by the chronic viruses. Do all the things you'd normally do if sick to get well - rest as much as you can, but also get some time outside if you have the energy (go for a nice very slow walk). Drink things that make your throat feel better (whether that's soup or tea, or cold things like fruit slushies or frozen pops). I get the symptoms you're complaining about when I start getting run-down again and start into a flare.

This semester is much better, but it's easier, PLUS, I'm just making taking care of myself an absolute PRIORITY. I try to stay on top of my schoolwork, read all the assignments, get my papers done, etc. and not get behind. Unfortunately, that means staying offline most times, because if I come here all I want to do is post. :(

Are you still taking the antibiotics? what is Dr. J's office telling you at this point. I still maintain an interest in that, though I still don't know if that's the answer.

I talked to one of my superiors and she mentioned that I would probably not be able to stay in the military. It's yet another blow, but we're dealing with it. I mean, what else can we do - ya know?

Hang in there. Miss chatting with ya.


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