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Re: Results -- help
Oct 10, 2005

My pcp doctor for years said my CBC and CMC results were fine, tho, many items were listed in the bold black, including iron level for over 4 years. When I went to a PM doctor for a second opinion, prior to seeing Dr Holtorf, his first look he stated I needed iron without even looking at blood work.

Then at the FMS & Fatigue Center a 24 page worksheet is completed for your first visit and then after the doctor meets with you and addresses your major symptoms lab work is ordered. I had 34 vials of blood drawn; it was the most complete and comprehensive work-up I have ever had. When I had the results reviewed by the Dr Holtorf I was placed on a thyroid natural hormone along with adrenal gland support.

Having had a low temp and low blood pressure for years; I thought was normal for me. I found out through this illness that it doesn't have to be. For the first time in my life I have had days were my temp is 98.4 and my blood pressure runs around 120/80 with the help of the above along with fludrocortisone and a beta blocker. I also have been on antibiotics for the active cellular and blood level infections which helped. When my symptoms are down my temp and blood pressure go up.

As I said in another post, an endocrinologist is one who reads the results of CMC and CBC then addresses all the inconsistencies. They get you feeling better.

P.S. Dr Kent Holtorf in one...and I've spoken to others that have experinced positive results by going to one.

One of the problems I had was orthostatic intolerance, especially when very sick. The symptoms you describe are just like mine...low immune system, sore throat... do you have any neurological symptoms like vision problems, night time vision, cognitive thinking, fight or flight feeling (like your adrenaline is running and won't shut off), hypersensitivities to sound, smell...constant runny nose at times,and/or chemical sensitivites?

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