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I remember the fear and emotional struggles I went through back before and in the beginning of my diagnose. I knew there was something wrong with me, the fatigue, the brain fog, the pain. Each day I would go to work and with every passing hour my symptoms would worsen by the afternoon they consumed my very being. I would have nothing left. I would call my pcp doctor she would see me, run tests...this continued for months then after ruling everything out, she checked for tender points (I hit the roof)...I had thought it was my lymphnodes that were inflamed...she said, "You have Fibromyalgia." The diagnose came in April of 2004 tho, I have been sick the last 2 years.

My primary care doctor is young and had been in medical school during the 90's, and was able to diagnose me. But it only went so far with her knowledge of treatment. So I searched and found a specialist named Dr Kent Holtorf who treats FMS and CFS.

There are very knowledgable doctors across the world. There is testing available now that really gets to the bottom of the symptoms we have. An endocrinologist is a good place to start. There are tell-tale signs in our Complete Blood Count and Comphrensive Metabolical Count. Along with other tests that revealed a Compromised Immune System and active chronic viruses such as CMV, HHV6, Mycoplasma Pneumonia and yeast ovrgrowth.

Treatment consists on Natural hormones, Herbals, Supplements, and some prescription medicines, it's a 6 stage treatment protocol to get to the maintenance stage. I have written posts under Fibromyalgia and Environmental illnesses.

I have been under Dr Holtorf's care for almost a year. I have seen positive results, were my symptoms had been cleared...but, each time I went back to work I fell sick. So, he asked me to take a test for neurotoxins; which can be from mold, fungi, or other issues; it's called Sick Building Syndrome. I tested positive, since September of 2005 treatment was added to deal with the elimination of the toxins. I am amazed many of the symtoms have gone, others are subsiding with each day. I am feeling much better And since I have had previous days free from symptoms I am chosing not to go back into that workplace.

This is not to say that your underlining problem is the same, but to share with you there is hope and viable treatment for anyone sick with FMS or CFIDS also know as CFS. We are in the right place and the right time for help, so please do not give up. You may share this with your family, my heart goes out to you and to others who have not found medical help, yet.

The Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers are now across the United States. Dr Kent Holtorf, who is successfully living and working with CFIDS started these Centers after researching treatment for himself and then helping over 3500 people who have been sick. I thank him every day for giving me my life back.

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