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polik and fuzzymuzzy,

Have you heard of Neurotoxin exposure, some of those affected by it have been previously miss dx'd with FMS or CFS/ME. Have you heard of Sick Building Syndrome?

Neurotoxins can come from mold or fungi, and can also come from other things, like excessive fish toxins, EBC, CMV, HHV6, lymes disease..., too.

There is documentation regarding Sick Building Syndrome, which is becoming a world wide problem and there also is documentation of the bulid up of neurotoxins in patients who have un-treated underlying infections in their bodies. Either way, there is a way to dx and treat it.

I have tracked my illness over the last 2 years, at first, I had no idea what was wrong with me. I believe my symptoms started neurologically, with brain fog, body fatigue, concentration and cognitive thinking problems. Multi-tasking and handling stress at work became unattainable (never bothered me before!) (I have worked for 30 plus years.) Exercize became so hard, felt as if I was paddling backwards, within an hour I'd be completely fatigued and in extreme pain.

My symptoms worsened and exasperated the longer I stayed at work. Initially, I had some days that were good, with treatment and time out of the office. When I tried returning back to work my symptoms flared with in days, additional symptoms appeared within weeks and within a month, it took everything to get through one minute of the day.

My doctor was puzzled, with all the treatment I'd been on he felt I should have been he asked me to take the test again for the neurotoxins...this time the test was positive a couple of months ago. (I've had it all along...I messed up on the original test. Since then I have been on treatment and on medical leave.

Now I'm feeling great again, it took 2 months this time, I'm staying off of work until Feb '06, will see if I can maintain how good I feel, so far so good!

The symptoms include fatigue, weakness, aches cramps, unusual stabbing pains, sensitivity to light, tearing, blurred vision, headaches, sinus congestion, cough, shortness of breath, abdominal cramping, rashes, skin sensitivity, chemical sensitivity, difficulty concentrating, hard to find words in conversation, transposing of words or numbers, sound magnifies 100 times when in a hypersensitivity mode, metallic taste, numbness, tingling, vertigo, and mood changes. You may not have all of them, or all at the same time, they can change day to day.

To let you know I have had all of the symptoms, it also has affected my liver and kidneys recently. Probably due to the length of time of exposure, the longer I stayed at work, the sicker I became.

Check it out with your doctor, uvm

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