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[QUOTE=NatashaW]Yes. I found a comprehensive list online of docs that treat CFS and I can't believe there isn't one in my city! I live in my state's capital and we have some of the best research hospitals in the country. The closest docs that CLAIM to treat CFS are two 1/2 hrs away.[/QUOTE]
I live nine 1/2 hrs away from Dr Kent Holtorf, it has been worth every cent to fly and now drive there for treatment.

Initially, when this all started up again and then stayed back in 2004, with each week and month passing, my symptoms worsened, each doctor confirmed my dx, but really didn't know how to treat beyond Anti D's, Sleep and Pain Meds. I wanted more...then being bedridden, and a shell of what I once wasn't an overnite desision, it took 4 months of...

weighing my options...I could stay with my PCP ( and paddle backwards)...or go the route with the PM doctor (but, didn't really want to)...the Neurologist was not helpful with next step would have been a Rhemy... decided to not waste any more time and money.

Made the decision to go for it, (it took another 2 months to get in) give Dr Kent Holtorf a shot, from the very beginning when the 24 pge work-up forms arrived at home, I knew that I was at the right place. Others, friends and family my not jump on board as quickily. There was some skeptisism at first, due to not understanding the methods of treatment or [U]the illness[/U]! even when their hearts are in the right place...internal results have been more important to me, I felt some within the first month of treatment.

To keep things monitered, I have my pcp recieving copies of all lab and visaversa along w/ treatment info ( copies for me, too). I also meet occationally with the PM doctor to give him the updates and treatment protocol's. One, bc he treats many FMS/CFS patients with meds...but would like to offer them another route and wnats to make sure that my treatment is in the up and up.

What was the type of doctor closest to you?


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