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You are describing the exact way I used to be and feel. I would sleep all day, not even want to get out of bed and still feel unrested. I used to get HORRIBLE migraines and feel horribly weak all over. Concentration, intelligence, everything, gone. Then I went on Cymbalta and now I feel SOOOO much better. I still sleep about 12 hours a day but its better than 18 hours a day and I still feel pretty weak but its not NEARLY as bad. And the most important thing, I am looking forward to doing things again and I am HAPPY!!! I wish you luck!

Tonya M

p.s. have you ever thought that you might be depressed?[/QUOTE]

Thanks for replying ^^

Depressed? Nah, that's one thing I'm 100% sure I'm not. The only thing I find depressing is that I'm always tired, but that's understandable, lol.
What's Cymbalta? I'm new to CFS so I really don't have a clue O_o' Though, I'm glad it's working for you! Best of luck to you, too :)

Hey uvm,

Hmm.. I often get really achey knees and back (lower and higher). Can't say that I feel pain in my muscles, though I do experience a lot of muscle weakness (I even find it difficult opening jars these days ;_; ). I've never had the flu before, though I often feel like I'm full of a cold, even if I haven't left the house in days. As for excersise, I can't even do that anymore because I feel so weak. What are cervical lymph nodes? *clueless*. I can't say that I get sore throats that often, I do get them but not frequently enough for me to think of them as a symptom. I have no idea what my temperature or my blood pressure is, though I feel cold 24/7 (I usually drag a blanket around with me, lol). As far as my vision goes, it's awfull. When I feel at my worse it seems like my vision's lagging and I often get little blind spots here and there - I try to avoid driving especially at night (I'm worried I'll end up crashing..).
I've never had the adrenaline rushes that you mentioned - I noticed a few people say they have better days than others but, if I'm being honest, I never have a good day.

There were a few other things I forgot to mention as well, I usually experience palpatations and pains in my chest - I had a 24 hour heart monitor for this, the results came back 'relatively normal'. I also get stomache pains quite often that I can't explain (as in, I haven't eaten anything dodgy recently e.t.c.) and for as long as I can remember, I've always had bad hair loss. Another thing is that I suffer from Focal Migranes, I never used to experience those up until a few months back but these days they're becoming more frequent. I have no idea if any of these things could be related to CFS, though...

I was also tested for Anemia and Diabeties, I turned out to be *slightly* Anemic so I was on some iron pills for about a month but now that's all ok, as for the diabeties - there are no probems there.

Those are all the symptoms I can think of right now (including the ones in the first post).

What's CFIDS, dx and FMS? (Like I say, I'm new to this so I've never heard of these things before). It's great to hear that your treatment is making you feel better! :D It's nice knowing that people with CFS are feeling like they're recovering :)

Take care and all the best! :wave:


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