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Hey everyone,

Well.. I guess I'll start from the begining...

I used to be a really enthusiastic person - always cheerful, very social, energetic, quick thinking, pretty intelligent and an all round healthy person. I was always out of the house, whether it was just socialising, doing yoga/jujitsu (sp?) or being at college and my diet was really good.
Looking back now, I guess things started during high school (around 5 years ago, now). I'd miss the odd day/week here and there due to being tired, but at the time I put it down to a mixture of just being a teenager and being lazy, lol.
When I started college (over 2 years ago) things only got worse. I ended up taking even more time off and started noticing things like how my concentration was practically non-existant, my memory was getting bad, I was rarely ever 'there' mentally and I was generally not making an effort anymore - I just felt physically and mentally drained all the time.
It got to a point where I couldn't physically go to college anymore (last year). I was sleeping for 17+ hours a day, if I got woken up rather than waking up by myself, I'd have bad migranes (sp?) and so I decided to do my college work at home. Though, the problem was, even though I did eventually wake up, I still felt like I hadn't slept in days (as you can imagine, I nearly failed college..)
Because it gradually got to this point, it took me a while before I started to think "Hey... maybe there's actually something wrong with me?", so naturally I went to see my doctor (this was in January, this year). I explained everything that had happened and he asked for a blood test, when we got the results, it turned out that I had an underactive Thyroid disorder - he put me on levothyroxine and told me to come back for another blood test in about 8 weeks. I felt no difference what-so-ever from these pills... my doctor spent 10 months changing my dosage until the thyroxine levels in my blood were spot on, which they are now. But still, I feel no different, if anything, I've only got worse.
These days, even though I'm always sleeping, I never feel like I have, usually feel like I'm on drugs all the time, I get easily confused, slow at thinking, I have an awfull memory (long term and short), I seem to be less intelligent, I have no concentration at all, I had to stop excersising because it'd only make things ten times worse, I've become really anti-social, never seem to care about things that'd usually bother me (it's like I've become numb to everything), and to be honest, the worse thing of all is that I'm an amature artist... drawing was my world, but I can't even draw anymore because I'm so tired and even when I try, I have no inspiration because I don't feel anything anymore...
My doctor said it could be Chronic Fatigue, though apparently there's no way to test it in a blood test - the only sign of it is low white blood cells (I think?), which mine are. So, I have an appointment with a specialist on the 5th of december.

I guess I'm posting because I don't know what to expect when I go to see this specialist, I mean... what kind of tests will he do? Or, what kind of questions will he ask me? Because I get so easily lost/confused, I'm worried that everything'll go over my head and I wont benifit from anything.
Also, does this sound like CFS to you? I mean, if it is - how do you guys cope? I never have a day where I feel awake, no good spells or anything. Is there anything you find that helps? I think my doctor said something about getting a good balance between activities.. or something.
Oh yea, because these days, I'll admit, my eating habits are uhh.. poor. Are there any types of foods/vitamins you find help?

Hmm... well I guess that's everything xD I don't know much (if anything at all) about CFS, so any information would be great :)
Oh! I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm 19 from the UK. ^^

Thanks for taking the time to read my essay!


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