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[QUOTE=couger2347]Does anyone know if long term stress can cause CFS. I have been diagnosed with panic disorder and fibromyalgia. After being on tranquilizers for 15 years I discontinued them. The withdrawal of these drugs was a major shock to my nervous system. It took me two years to gradulally withdraw. During those years I had more anxiety and pain symptoms one could imagine. I also had this feeling of severe fatigue. This fatigue has more or less been with me for some 7 years now. For the last two years it was bearable until recently. I seem to be right back where I started. I now have trouble walking around the block without feeling extremely tired. I do believe that some if not all my fatigue is coming from stress. I took all the ebv tests and my doctor said it was not that. I'mk starting to read about adrenal fatigue. I have many of the symptoms. Right now it seems because of this tired and weak feeling I'm getting more stressed out and it is leading to those old feelings of panic. Any ideas would be appreciated.[/QUOTE]
CFS or CFIDS (which includes dysfunction of the immune system) is not caused by long term stress, but stress can be one of the contributing factors along with others causing the flaring of symptoms. This is based on what I've learned as a patient of Dr. Kent Holtorf, Chief Medical Director of The Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers.

Just over two years ago, I started experiencing adrenal dysfunction...[B]didn't know that was what is was called![/B] Prior to, sleeping had been disrupted over the last year or so and experienced fast and irregular heart pulsations. I thought it was pre-menopause or hormonal...

I experienced adrenaline rushes at the wrong time, CNS rushes, tremors, tossing and turning all night...eventually, waking in the morning more exhausted than the night B4.

Then in October, I lost my dad at the same time we were in the middle of opening another branch, since we're the main branch there was many department structural changes and lots of training of staff to do. I have worked over 20 plus years, handled all kinds of stress B4...what's up??!

Then I got real sick with a viral infection in Nov '03, which became a lung infection in Dec '04. After that with each passing week more symptoms appeared...extreme fatigue, nausea, what turned out to be Fibro tender points, hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, weight loss, muscle and connective tissue pain, sore throat, there were afternoons that I could hardly stand up or walk, somehow I'd make it through work...would fall asleep in the car B4 driving 8 minutes home...the list goes on and on. I know you probably can relate.

Now, back to the topic. Does long term stress cause CFS?

No! FMS and CFS disorders- cause are bodies not to function correctly- includes hormone dysfunction, adrenal dysfunction, Central Nervous System dysfunction, Autotomic Nervous System dysfunction, Mytochondria dysfunction, mal-absortion dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, blood coagulation dysfunction, pain sensory dysfunction...

Based on Dr. Holtorf's findings:
First, there is a genetic predisposition...then either an illness (ie: lung infection during winter, etc...), traumatic event, hormone dysfunction, or sleep disorder happens, or a combination there of.

Then as our systems become affected, causing other symptoms, which triggers into a cascade effect with no relief insight. We can have mild symptoms off and on for years prior to the time a major onset occurs that stays.

Next, due to these illnesses every body system may become effected. For me that has been true. From my previous posts under FMS, Environmental illnesses- Neurotoxins and Addison's Disease, you can see the last 2 years of ups and down, along with dx's and treatment.

I will be posting today, how well I'm doing now, on another post. Please see an Endocrinolgist or a specialist who includes a back ground in it or hormone and longevity. And have them check for the adrenal dysfunction or Addison's Disease. It is amazing how much better you'll feel, once properly dx and the underlying problems treated.

I wish you the best. hope you find the answers soon, uvm

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