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Could this be CFS?
Nov 26, 2005

2.5 years on, still no firm diagnosis. I place this post in hope of someone being able to relate.

My primary symptoms at onset were :

Episodic - Brain would go into a strange state of fog, dizziness (non vertigo), spacial discomfort (extreme nervousness in crowded/public places) - No history of anxiety or problems with nerves (used to DJ infront of 1000's of people for many years). This started from age 30.

Then came :

Tinnitus, (two tone high pitched in left ear), Insomnia, headaches, short term memory loss, extreme anxiety, depression, muscle aches, daily headaches, neck ache, IBS type symptoms, VERY vivid dreams every night.

After many tests, and many many doctors, all blood work and MRI's (2 x Brain, 1 x C.Spine) all came back normal (Hmmmm, don't feel normal!).

Current daily symptoms :

Exreme nervousness when making eye contact (physical symptoms are not like panic attack, more head pressure, need to get away, jumpy etc) - are these panic attack symptoms - I dont have the racing heart, feeling of passing out - although I do get nasty adrenaline hits when approaching people and thinking about making a fool of myself).

Tinnitus - almost gone, dizziness comes and goes throughout the day. I can have many episodes. One minute fine, the next, disequilibrium, spacial discomfort, headaches, ear pressure etc.

Things that are true about myeslf :

I feel better on my own - eg Watching TV at night
I have dark rings around my eyes.
I cant seem to aproach anyone without extreme nerves (Anxiety or underlying pathology?)
My brain doesn't seem to switch off (horrible nightmares, dreams), I'm also aware of sub-concious thoughts during the day
Strange vision problems recently - Body and head appear out of alignment, I seem to miss mid-line of picture. This is by far the hardest to explain and quite alarming when it happens.

Possible past diagnosis have included LYME DISEASE, CFS/M.E, VESTIBULAR NEURONITIS, LABYRINTHITUS, STRESS (Are you surprised - Sorry!...), BURN OUT, ADRENAL FATIGUE

Any clues or people suffering with similar symptoms, replies greatly appreciated. I would be most interested to know what works for you.

By the way, I've been on every kind of Antidepressant known to man. I am intolerent of high doses and found the best medication Amytryptiline (10mg) nightly. All the rest gave me absolutely indescribable side effects (some, even after only 1 tablet).

Take Care, God bless and thankyou for reading.

All the best,

Mike (UK).

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