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[QUOTE=Icky_Metal]UkiahValleyMom - looking forward to your post. Thanks, Icky M.[/QUOTE]

Busy, busy busy! So sorry, I thought I'd get back to you B-4, now!
Intially, back in Dec '04 due to the symptoms I had, the topic of neurotoxins exposure came up during my 2nd Appt with Dr Kent Holtorf of the FMS & Fatigue Center. He gave me the info to take an online questionaire and visual test for Chronic Neurotoxins.

First, I procrastinated, on taking the test, I was very sick, back then. It took everything and then some to make it through each second of the day. 2nd, when I finally took the test, bc of my cognitive thinking problems and severe brain fog I, personally messed up on the question regarding vision and corrective lenses. I should have answered 'Yes' instead I answered 'No,' a big OOPS! :o So the first half of the test was positive and the 2nd was negative on the visual.

I was working back then, each time that I went down to the Center and spent days away from the office, my symptoms subsided and I felt better. Then, I would start back to work, within hours symptoms appeared and with each passing day and week I became sicker and sicker. The last two episodes with it, I ended up in an adrenal crisis, in the hospital. It, took that, to decide to go on medical leave and not go back into the building.

Dr Kent Holtorf asked me everytime I saw him or called him, to retake the test, bc I should be doing better not worse. It took me months to take it, I finally did, last August or Septmember of '05 and the test was [B]positive[/B].

The symptoms of neurotoxin exposure are very much the same as CFSIDS or FMS. My symptoms were severe brain fog, cognitive thinking problems, hypothyroidism, adrenal dysfunction, low blood pressure as low as 70-80/50, low temperature as low as 92.4, usually, 96.4-97.1, no immune system, tremors, joint and all over tissue pain, irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bladder syndrome, stabbing pains in different parts of the body, abdominal cramps, vision problems, blurred vision, night vision problems, light sensitivity, hypersensitvity to noises and sounds, rashes, histamine issues, yeast problems, loss of weight, 20+ pounds in a month, more than once and nausea.

My husband, was ready to hospitalize me, he thought I was dying. :eek:

There have been at least 6 women at the office, all dx'd with FMS or CFS, by different doctors, all experiencing symptoms like me.

I believe the exposure is from either mold spores or problems with the HAVC, after major remodeling was done. My symptoms started neurologically, and then cascaded down through the different bodys' systems, causing damage to some of my organ systems.

Today, I'm feeling 80%-90% better, I've had days were there have been no symptoms at all, it makes me cry out of thankfulness to modern medicine the advances that have taken place over the last 10-15 years with these diseases is amazing! There is no better time to have these issues then today and maybe tomorrow as more research is done.

I have color again and I look alive! I'm able to enjoy more things and be active most every day. :bouncing: uvm

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