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[QUOTE=Natalie00]Has anyone else gained weight because of their CFS and related health problems despite eating less than you did before you got ill? I have gained 15 lbs since I got sick, and I do not eat very much. This is very upsetting to me because I am only 5'1'' and used to be very petite. Now all I have to do is eat 3 light meals a day and I gain weight. I found out I probably have hypothyroidism also and am hoping if I get on meds for that I will lose the weight. Anyone else dealing with this problem?[/QUOTE]
You sound just like me. I was just diagnosed with Graves'/hyperthyroidism. Instead of losing weight I have gained 25 pounds in a year. I went to the doctor because I take three hour naps in the morning, two and three hour naps in the afternoon and my whole body hurts constantly. My doctor said that the fatigue and weight gain are related to the excessive antibodies that I am producing as a result of the Graves' disease. He just prescribed me with a Beta blocker, to control my shortness of breath and anxiety. I will get an ultrasound and then he will prescribe me with thyroid medication. I am terrified of gaining more weight. I am only 5'2" I used to wear a size 0, then a size 2 after my first child, a size six after my second, and right now I am wearing tight size 8/10. It is so depressing that I just want to lock myself up in a closet and never get out again.

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