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i for one can relate to that, i had a panic attack about 6 years ago in the mist of financial troubles, deaths ect..scared me to death!! my first of many ER visits. as time went on i began having some social anxiety, mild depression ect... it has grown to where im soo fatigued, episodes of severe depression. i was diagnosed with cfs several months back after thousands of dollars of test. i think the mind is so overwhelmed with anxiety, stress ect.. we feel tired. fatigue alot of times comes with boredom, a slack job, no hobbies, lack of exercise, not eating right, its a long list.. your energy lies where your interest are. for example: i began metal detecting as a hobby to get out the house on the weekends instead of laying around being depressed, its really a tough hobby, alot of walking for hours with a sore arm from swinging the detector, usually after a hour of no luck im exhausted feel terrible ect...then bam! i find a old silver coin, my energy skyrockets and ready for hours of hunting. just an example of mind and energy. i also began walking in the afternoons, if your able to jog or run try it. dont be discourgaged if you do poor the first few times, youll find it clears the mind and is quite energizing.

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