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Re: Provigil
May 31, 2006

My doc prescribed Provigil for exactly those reasons, plus SSRI's make me really foggy brained. I've been taking it for almost two weeks and have had to adjust dosages somewhat. It does help me with my daytime fogginess and I have not had trouble sleeping at night because there is a definite crash when it wears off. I'm taking a little in the morning (50mg) and a little in the early afternoon (50mg) at present. 100mg at one time (half of a pill) wires me - but I'm extremely sensitive to meds (my Lexapro is 2.5 mg). I have noticed that it ramps up my anxiety if I'm in a pressure situation (more anxiety than usual), but my doc says that that will eventually go away. In the meantime, he rx'd Ativan in case it gets really bad.

The good thing is that it is lifting my depression. I'm able to consider new ways of thinking about situations that previously were not possible. My outlook seems to be getting brighter and I'm beginning to be unwilling to spend my life slogging through depression.

This is big for me because I'm really sensitive to side effects of meds and quit most of them after a couple of days (e.g., Effexor, Lamactil, Cymbalta, Neurontin.) I've been on various SSRI's for 15 years, though, because those are not an option for me. I've been searching for a med that would ease my depression without the brain fog and lethargy.
Re: Provigil
May 31, 2006
Thanks! I seem to be in the same boat as you are...I also use Ativan for anxiety sometimes...I am reluctant to use one med to counteract what another may be doing (ie provigil for tiredness and foginess of Luvox) but then again if I can find a combo that works well, it makes sense to give it a shot. Keep us posted on Provigil, Im hearing good things...
Re: Provigil
Oct 11, 2006
Too much anxiety for me. I was told it was safe, but to me it felt like taking diet pills. The calmer I stay the more energy I have. Which has been little for several years. I felt like they put gas in my car, but I was stuck in the mud with my wheels spinning. Good Luck!!

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