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May 30, 2006
I would REALLY appreciate feedback from anyone who has used Provigil.
My doctor and I are considering trying it for excessive daytime sleepiness that may or may not be a side effect of taking an SSRI.
Please answer any or all of my questions from your experience:
--Did Provigil help you with tiredness?
--What condition did you take it for? sleep disorders?
--Does it have to be taken every day or could I just take it mornings following not getting a good night's sleep (I require more than the average 8)?
--Did it make you at all anxious/jittery?
--Side effects?
--Could you still fall asleep at night?
--Do/did you find it habit forming? I don't want to feel totally reliant on it to stay awake.
ANY other suggestions for daytime tiredness greatly appreciated THANKS!

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