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[QUOTE=mel1977]how do you jump start your brain??? I get both the chronic fatigue and chronic pain. I take Ultram for the pain but can't beat the tiredness. I get home from work (3-11pm), I don't like to GO to sleep, so I am up til around three am. then I sleep til 2!!!! I will wake up but not FULL wake up. The kind where you just can't lie there any longer. Of course, my body is yelling at me to get up-my upper back muscles hurt so bad and I toss and turn but my BRAIN won't get going. I can't seem to just GET UP. I need to work out and when I get home from work is a great time-I can do it for a week or so, then it fizzles out. I just don't know. I was taking my zanaflex for two reasons. one, it put me to sleep and two it kept me from tossing and turning. But, I thought it was keeping me asleep too long, but two times I didn't take it and still slept for 12 hours. I may just go back to it to get to bed before three, but jeeze. I am at a loss! I am out all day, and the minute I get home all I want to do is lie down on the couch on my heating pad. I am 29 and had a successful fusion two years ago. I know that was part of it. i used to COOK too, now I can't even hardly fathom the idea. Another reason to get up-make decent meals to take to work.
You are taking ultram for CFS? For the pain in 1998 when I started with CFS, they put me on Neurontin, I had been in pain for almost a year, my headaches were unreal(migranes) and I hurt all over, I had been reading about CFS, and the lady Doc I went to said I had Fibro and I knew I didn't but she wouldn't give me a CFS diag. because she said "you don't have EB". Load of crap. Of course i do, it lies dormant in my body since I had mono in highschool. So I could get mono again! Have you been to the CFIDS of America Website of course I cannot give you the link but if you could find it it would do you a world of good. Plus the CDC. Also, once I got rid of most of my misery then my legs started hurting real bad and I was rubbing them together and rubbing them, so my new Doc put me on Requip. See I'm confused because when i was pregnant with my son they put me on Ultram for contractions? So it's a pain killer,? Shoot, it almost killed me. And as far as the fatigue sweetie, I'm sorry but you can only try to manage that and if you aren't careful, you'll wind up bedridden. CFS can get so bad you can wind up in a wheelchair like Mary Schwietzer an advocate for CFS/ME in Canada who came and spoke to the CDC and CFIDS regarding what happened with her. Can't give you that link either, rats! Oh well. If you get special permission from the main admin for me to give you those links then let me know.? You need some advocacy, education, and support. Bless your heart. Ok gotta zillion emails and things to do, let me know what you think and I'll keep spilling out what I know from my info and experiences. ~~Beauty

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