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Re: Breaking Point
Aug 3, 2006
If you can find out when you were last on antibiotics by ringing up your doctor, they can tell you. Then you can work out if it caused an imbalance in your system or not. If you've been like this for four years, and you took them about five years ago, it might be worth looking in to (?).
Also from my own personal experience, I found getting intune with my body really helped me diagnose a couple of conditions I have/am suffering from. You say you suffer from extreme chronic fatigue. Take a closer look at yourself and see if there are other symptoms that are going on in your body so that you are able to narrow it down a bit further. do you get headaches occassionally? Problems with short term memory? sinus? Depression? Constipated? Irregular heartbeat? skin disorder? light headedness? Continuious cough? The list continues. You might be very intune with your body, but some people aren't. If there are other symptoms, start writing them all down, and pay attention to your body and make notes of everything so you can learn your body.
You could be suffering from a vitamin deficiency; magnesium, Vitamin B etc. You might be suffering from Candida (from use of antibiotics) ...something medical etc. But gather your info, get intune with your body, the more info you have on yourself the futher you can get with this. Be patient and try to stay as positive as you can, keep us posted with any progress...

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