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Re: Breaking Point
Sep 2, 2006
Hi there, You might benefit from having a food allergy test. You could possibly be allergic or have an intolerance to something that is making you feel so tired. Many people are allergic to wheat/gluten and that can cause major problems if it goes undiagnosed! I have had chronic fatigue throughout my life, and only 10 days ago my doctor told me to stop eating anything that contains wheat or gluten. Pretty much straight after eliminating it from my diet my energy levels lifted...since then (10 days ago ) I've been bouncing off the walls with energy. Alot of my other symptoms have gone as well, aching muscles, red eyes, brain fog and more. I'm also lactose intolerant, so find out if something you are eating is affecting you. Even just try eliminating wheat/gluten for a week and see how you feel. But just becareful to read the ingredients first, and make sure that anything with wheat flour, gluten is not in it. There are alot of websites dedicated to this intolerance with a wealth of info...goodluck!

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