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[QUOTE=sleepypenguin][CENTER][FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="2"][B]Hi I'm 17 years old and I think I might have a sleeping problem.. I've looked on the internet and have been to the doctor to have 2 blood tests done.
[U]Here are the symptoms/problems:[/U]
Undisturbed I can easily sleep 12+ hours.
I'm extremely tired after eating, to the point where I can't even funtion/fight it.
I get easily annoyed.
If someone tries to wake me up (even after sleeping 8+ hours) I get very angry at them.
My mom says I kick in my sleep.
I get easily brusied (I find bruises on my body for no apparent reason)
I get dizzy spells. They only last about a minute but when they do occur I feel like I'm going to collapse and my heart rate increases. (I never have fainted/fallen, but I feel as if I am)
I have a ton of trouble going to sleep because I can't stop thinking about things.
If I'm not doing something physical (ie. reading, computer, tv, studying) I can barely keep my eyes open. This is a big problem with the studying & reading part because I need to for school.

[U]Other stuff:[/U]
I have normal blood pressure.
I eat healthy (vegetarian/organic foods)
I've recently lost almost 50 pounds (with another 15ish to go).
I get about 7 hours of sleep a night.
I never feel stressed out or anything.
I drink no soda/coffee (only water)

As a note all my problems (except for the bruising & dizziness) have been occurring for a while now...
People (my family) say its because I'm a vegetarian but like I said I already had most of these problems before, and I try to have a balanced diet, I just don't eat lettuce or something..

This is becoming more and more of a problem lately. I would like to get through doing work easier but after about 20 minutes I'm just too tired to concentrate. Just the feeling of being tired all the time is annoying.

Sorry about the very long post and thank you to anyone who can possibly help/has suggestions.[/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER][/QUOTE]Hello im 21 years old and sometimes i feel like that also i get dizzy and feel like passing out ive lost wait before and i gain wait i eat right im not much on soda either i dont have much energy to do anything i get sleepy to easy i can barly hold my eyes open sometimes and then it just get to the poin where sometimes i cant sleep i just go to thiking about stuff that is wron with me or other stuff.

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