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For the last month and a half, I've been experiencing some of the classic symptoms of cfs- unrefreshing sleep, tiredness, etc. It began after I left my job after experiencing stress for a few years.

Recently over the last 2 weeks, the tiredness has improved to an extent where even though I still feel a little groggy on waking, I have felt almost back to normal, and able to do things. My one problem has been with alcohol. i've read that many cfs patients are alcohol sensitive, and having a drink can cause them to feel low for a few days as the body takes longer than normal to process out the toxins.

Friday night, I had a can of beer and felt fine. But yesterday when watching a football match, I had a pint and a half(British 568ml) of beer, and about an hour later I started to feel a little hot, and then came down with a headache which has lasted from 4 pm yesterday to today.

I am wondering if this could be a sign of increased sensitivity to alcohol? Or could it be a pyschosomatic reaction, where you subconsiously develop the symptoms in response to fears about drinking alcohol?

I woke up this morning with a kind of hangover effect even though I only drank 1 1/2 pints of beer. With CFS, how long does this hangover effect last? I've read that whilst "normal" people only take a day to get over drinking alcohol and detoxify, those with cfs can take about a week due to a compromised immune system?

Anyone have any ideas? or have alcohol sensitivity?
Hi hunny,

i suffered with m.e badly from the age of ten, the symptoms are now not as prominent. I have just found out today about alcohol intolerance with chronic fatigue. And it has made me feel so much better, i can now understand why i hate the stuff, and felt like i'd had a hangover once after a shot of apple sour!!!!!!

There were alot of other symptoms which i'd never even thought would be to do with my m.e. for years i did think god what if its all in my mind!!
Since my DX of CFS and FM, I cannot drink even a teaspoon of alcohol without developing a severe red face over the cheeks and nose, chin and often neck, chest and ears. Hands also get hot.

I just had a small glass of a Bloody Mary with top quality ingredients and here I sit with my head ready to explode. Nose is totally plugged up and I feel like I have a really horrible cold.

I hate this :o
I also get the hot flushed feeling when i drink (very rarely) I also get very achey sometimes within minutes of taking a drink. I have descovered the symptoms very with the quality and type of alcohal. Red wines the worst due to sulphates. Beer and cheep alcohals make me feel cruddy too. Top shelf alcohals give me the least symptoms. I believe its due to toxin levels. for me the toxins settle in my shoulders neck and chest. yuck
[QUOTE=smackliet]I believe its due to toxin levels. for me the toxins settle in my shoulders neck and chest. yuck[/QUOTE]

Do you mean toxins in your body?
I was refering to the different alcohals, the purity and quality. Thats just what i notices regarding how my body reacts. My husband feels the difference as well but he doesn't have fibro. If he drinks a top shelf vodka he feels fine the next day but if he drinks cheep booze he gets hung over.

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