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do i have a bad Fatigue? or i just think too much?

First of all right now me not working. I tend to sleep a lot. For example, i sleep 3plus am . i will toss on my bed here and there, half an hr or more than i able to sleep. i tend to think a lot of things. Then i will wake up ard 4plus pm. And i still feel sleepy and tired. my eyes as sleepy as ever. after late lunch, ard 6pm plus, i take a nap again and wake up 9plus 10pm. Then i watch tv play computer till maybe 5plus am or even 6-7am, and i will sleep till 5plus pm. !! WHATS wrong with me? even though i sleep a lot i still feel sleepy.

When last time i work. i have to wake up 9 plus am, so i tend to sleep at most latter is 1am. But i tend to feel sleepy too. but of cos i cant sleep becos i working. I work until 9plus pm. the same routine on and off again. But i easily feel sick. FEel fatigue no engery.

i having some kind eating disorder too. I eat a lot. sometimes when i finish lunch or dinner. less than half and hr i feel hungry mouth itich and i go for either snacks or another heavy meal, like noodles and so on.

Theres few times after eating so much my stomach just bloated i am very full, but i still feel like eating. my weight keep increasing where i cant control.

what i eat is noodle rice fry stuff and so on. but i just cant control it.i not feeling moody unhappy...but just eat.

by the way i from sg and i have asthma.i picky on my food too.

oh and there 1 time i went see a doc. the doc suddenly see my eyes, check on me and say i have sort of low blood. And ask me eat more red meats.

I tend to eat lots of chkn meat. But not red meat. But eating too much red meats will be bad too?

Can i ask too does drink plain water at night after 10pm till maybe 2-3am bad for health as you will hurt ur kidney? and sleep late at nite will link to diabetis?

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