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;) Hi I am 30 years old, I was diagnosed with CFS at 17. At least thats what was determined after ruling out, HIV, and other illnesses. I don't think there is an actual test for it. I got a combo of anemia, mononucleosis, and hepatitis (not the sexually transmitted one) One illness caused the other illness it was a vicious cycle. I thought I was dying, I had always been super healthy. I had NO ENERGY WHATSOEVER, my whole body was just dead. It was actually quite scary. They told me that it was more than likely something I would have to deal with on and off for the rest of my life. That once you get it you have it for life!!!
On top of that they had no medicine certainly no cure. It didn't matter, my parents thankfully have always preferred to treat things as naturally as possible. This Earth is just one giant medicine cabinet.
So my mother started to nurse me back to health, naturally.
Lots of salads, with beets, and carrots, dark green leafy veggies, at least 2 fruit and vegetable juices a day, made with a juicer.
Oddly my bady was actually craving these healthy foods, where as normally at least at that age I was into chocolate, candy, junk basically, I didn't have any desire for this things.
I highly recommend just eating as healthy as possible, what can you lose by doing that. I know it sounds too simple, but believe it or not, after about 3 months of this healthy diet I was completely cured, baack to normal. Whats more I have never suffered from this fatigue again since then , even though I did not continue with this healthy diet, I don't eat fast food daily but I am not vegetarian, etc. I try now that I am 30 too eat healthy and exercise, I really believe in the power of the mind now because of this experience, I did not allow myself too just accept and believe that this "syndrome" would be something I would have to live with forever, it is just something they name to make people think they know what is wrong.
In conclusion, Eat Healthy, Exercise, and Enjoy Life!;)
I do hope you feel better soon, try not to go the prescription drug route.
Keep me posted. Sorry for going on and on, bye.

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