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[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="2"]Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with Mono last summer. I was told the virus had been in my body for months, I had seen the symptoms but I was away at college and just thought I was always catching something from the other students. Well when it was finally diagnosed I spent a good 3 weeks resting and eating healthily. Now...7 months later, I am feeling the same way all over again. I got new blood tests done and they have told me that the Epstein-Barr virus is back again. I can't stop sleeping, my brain is so foggy and I feel like I'm trying to walk through jell-o air! I don't know what to do! I'm missing work and school and a lot of theatre rehearsals because I've been so fatigued. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything that has worked for them? I am so helpless that I'm becoming depressed and I just want to give up![/SIZE][/FONT]

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