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Hi Cake. I started with what I thought to be the flu in February of 2004.
A month and half went by and It was the same.
It seemed to fade but then came back by April of 2004 and has been horrible.
I had and still have at times the brain fog,dizziness and weird dreams.
I cannot eat carbohydrates like I used to because they make me fee worse.
Proteins and veggies really help.
It sounds like you were pretty atheletic.
I was too. It seems like you just cannot keep up with the normal activies.
I have relapsed about 41 times and the relapses are almost like starting from square one.
You have to eat right for a long time to feel better.
You also have to love yourself. This disease is so nasty and debilitating.
Try vitamin B-stress formula with extra vit.C, Cats Claw herb, St.Johns Wart herb. A good multi-vitamin. Keep on exercising even if you don't feel like it so you can stay fit. It's very important.
I know about 3 people that have chronic fatigue and years later are fairly functional.
The brain fog and dizziness is so bad at times that I have to hold on to the walls and racks at a store.
I came out of the store one time and forgot what car we came in and could not find my friends. It was very scarry.
I wil pore a glass of mile and walk in the other room with the gallon and leave the glass on the counter or put the phone in the fridge.
The disorientation is some times part of it.
Do you have trouble swallowing or breathing?
Start banging on doors to find a Dr. that treats chonic fatigue and try not to take the anti anxiety and anti deppressants some of them will offer.
They talked me into trying that stuff and it made me more anxious.
I just try to eat right,exercise and rest a real lot.
Does the top of your head ever feel numb. Do you feel like you are on the verge of passing out?
Those are a couple more symptoms I have.
Keep on kickin' it. You have to love yourself brother.Peace,Summer.:wave: :)

[QUOTE=cake_2;2828190]I'm 20 and male.

I've always been fit, active and healthy. In December '05 I was fitter than ever before. I was mountain biking about 150Km per week at high intensity (in addition to doing weights on the off days) and my resting heart rate was in the low 40s. At the time I probably wasn't eating quite enough (although my diet was good) and I lost a few kilos. I had recently been on a trip to Cairns (in the north of Australia) for about 3 days.

All of a sudden in the middle of December I felt extremely physically tired, moreso than ever before in my life. I suspected it could be a virus, although I had no other symptoms other than the fatigue. I also suspected perhaps I had been overdoing it.

After a few days of not doing much I felt a little better, but that's as good as it's been since. It seems to be getting progressively worse slowly.

My major symptom is the extreme physical fatigue which seems to be worst in (though not confined to) my legs. I don't particularly feel like I need to sleep more, although due to the profound physical fatigue I spend a lot more time lying down which inevitably leads to increased sleeping. I have low grade muscle aches and pains which I attribute to increased lactic acid production and build-up.

I also have irritable bowel type symptoms (including wheat, dairy, soy, coffee sensitivities) which I've had since October '04 and which have not changed since the onset of the fatigue. Again, this began suddenly and I cannot recall a precipitating event.

I have occasional bouts of orthostatic hypotension which I've had throughout my life.

I've been irritable and depressed which goes beyond simple frustration at the illness. My relationships (particularly with my parents) have subsequently become somewhat strained and i'm unsure if they'll ever recover to where they were previously.

I've had frequent tests, and other than an elevated IgE (attributed to an asymptomatic dust mite allergy - treatment of which has not improved symptoms of fatigue) there appears to be nothing physically wrong with me. I've tested negative for all of the common fatigue-inducing viruses (eg Epstein Barr) and also negative for parasites. I've never had swollen or sore lymph nodes, fevers or sore throats, and I don't seem to get sick very often although I have had 3 ear infections in the last year despite not having had one for at least 10 years previously. I sleep for at least 8 hours a night.

My weight has been relatively constant throughout this affliction, though I did put on a few kilos to see if I felt better but to no avail.

I've tried all the usual supplements/drugs/regimes eg antidepressants, magnesium supplements, zinc, high dose vitamins, elimination diets, licorice root powder, protein powders, glutamine and creatine powder, antihistamines and even Flagyl antibiotics (to eradicate a potentially undiagnosed parasitic infection).

Nothing has helped.

I don't consider myself to be one of the worst cases. I can still go out and participate in moderate exercise (eg walking - of which I do as much as I can within reason) although recovery from such physical activity is poor. Anything higher in intensity than walking causes significant muscle burning (eg lactic acid production) and usually increased fatigue for several days. Although as I mentioned, I am experiencing a disturbing downward trend in my condition.

Has anyone else had a similar type of fatigue? Can anyone suggest anything that has helped them?

Feel free to discuss/describe your particular experiences even if they aren't particularly similar to mine if you feel like it.

Thanks to anyone who bothers to read my wordy thread.[/QUOTE]

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