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Cfs Specialist
Apr 3, 2007
Hi all! Well I took hubby to the visit. It was good cause dr described what he thinks cfs is. Which to summarize it a virus that cause cell disruption???? Anyway here his his protocol:

NADH 4 tabs no food
Cq10 with food 2 x day
prcyengenol 2 x day
biaxin 1 1/2 2 x day
valtrex 1 2 x day
plus my other stuff like toprol for mitral valve prolapse and Ultracet for pain which doesn't work.
ALso no heavy stuff ever. I have to completely lay down every afternoon for 1 hour. Nothing heavy like laundry after 5pm. Which having 2 little boys is a hard one. No stretches or any form of excercise. I have to do this exactly for one month then see him. Then another NADH at 11:00.

I guess thats it. Hubby has been even more understanding though. So I am glad he came.

I hope you all are having a good day!!!
God bless, Deena
Re: Cfs Specialist
Apr 13, 2007
Hi friends! First off I am very sceptical if I will see any results. I am not pessemistic but want to be realistic. I have been sick for 1 1/2 yrs. He explained the cell problem like a car that has no one pushing the gas pedal. If the mycochondria in my cells are not replacing or destroying themselves my body cannot heal. He took a long time explaining this. But it's hard to explaine.

He wants to see me in one month to check in but he said some people feel better in three weeks some a year. IF you follow it exactly.

cq10 100 mg tabs one in morning one in evening. For cellular energy.
Pycnogenol 30 mg tabs 1 in morn 1 in evening. For more energy
NADH5mg tabs 4 first thing on empty stomach 2 at 11:00
Valtrex 500mg tabs 1 1/2 every six hours. I am thinking for herpes 6 which I don't think I have. Just trying to fight the virus.
Biaxin 500 mg tabs 1 in morning 1 in evening. Anitbiotic for the virus
ultrcet tabs 325mgs. i tab 3 times a day. For pain but doesn't really touch my pain.
Lunesta to sleep.

I know it is a lot but if I don't give this guy a legitimate try I will never know. I haven't been stuck in bed all since I began. But no real shout out results. I can say since I am told to lay down every day for an hour I do so without the guilt. And no laundry or heavy things after 5. He means even cooking. But since I have a 7 and 5 yr ol this is hard.

I hope that maybe you can give this a try or find a doc who knows of something to try!!! I was just waisting away before. The herbal meds cq10, pycnogenol and NADH he told me to get online from ( REMOVED ). They do not cut their products like many companies do. But this alone for 4 weeks was almost 100.00.

Let me know what you think, God bless, Deena
Re: Cfs Specialist
Apr 16, 2007
To Sarah, I wonder if this is why I suddenly can not sleep. It has been 4 nights with only a couple hours a night. Also my underarm lymph node is very tender and at times painful. However I do not feel it with my hands. I have had tender lymph nodes before when this all started. Even had to have neck node removed b/c so swollen and the fact that I have night sweats. This is freaking me out. I cannot go thru the lymphoma scare again.

Tell me what you think.

Trish. This doc did do bloodwork. And he explained everything in detail. But trying to recall it is another matter. I know the NADH is for cell mycochondria????? And cq10 for energy and phynegonal more cell stuff. But he didn't thoroughly go over bloodwork. Next visit I will get a copy. I usually do but forgot!!!!! The valtrex for herpes 6 (don't think I even actually have it) And antibiotic to fight the infection. I do have persistent low grade fevers, sever night sweats ect. I actually feel worse right now b/c lunesta quit working and I haven't slept in four days.

Pls listen. to Sarah and see what you need I don't know if there is one sure way to do this. I am giving thia guy a chance. People really do come from other states to see him. And he is so confident. We'll see.

Good luck and God bless, Deena

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