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I have had a hard time with CF but do think that in the six months since I was diagnosed I have made a slow recovery, and am even starting to see glimpses of my old life again. Although my body feels like it has been in a bus crash most of the time I do seem to have reclaimed my mind, I found the horrible blinding brain fogs were something of the early stages of this illness and are now a thing of the past.

However, if there is one sign that I can always use to know that things are still far from right, it is this persistent throbbing in my head. Not so hard that it disturbs me when I'm doing things in the day, but more so when I try to lie to relax. From the back of my neck up the back of my head I can feel this throbbing - and can easily count my hearbeat from it. In fact I have adjusted my sleep position because of it, as if I lie on my side last thing at night it disturbs me by throbbing in my ear. I mean it is quite gentle but also quite noticeable. I suppose I would say it was like a swelling in the brain, is this the "encephalitis" part of M.E then? Does anyone else have similar symptoms or could this be something else all together?
Obviously everyone is different but I would like to say I know all about the heartbeat in head feeling. It might be that you have over exterted yourself and hence your brain is letting you know. I have had this for a while and it is getting better and this is the first time I have ever had any trouble with head throbbing. Unfortunately some things take some patience but hand in there; dont overdue things if they appear to worsen it and eventually hopefully it will go away. Talking to a doc is always a good idea as well. You aint alone guys~
I have the same symptom which is associated with lying down. It tends to be there much of the time and is made worse by alcohol. It usually wakes me up during the night but resolves if I get up (then returns when I lie down). In my case it also happens during the day when, after an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness I have to lie down, the throbbing starts and I sleep like the dead. After talking to various doctors and others I believe that the throbbing is vascular but it doesn't appear to fit with any type of migraine.

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