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[QUOTE=nmgrl;3005205] I take 5 grams of D-Ribose, 2 x day (Now brand powdered form)[/QUOTE]

Just wanted to mention that Myhill recommends taking D-Ribose in small amounts through the day - rather than two large doses, six or seven small ones. Aparently its rapidly absorbed and 'used' and body benefits from small and often.

I'm not following the full protocol as I'm vegan so her 'stoneage' diet; high protein and low carb is just not possible for me. I do eat a pretty healthy organic brown rice/loads of veg diet though, so feel fairly confident about food. Only concession I have made is that I've been taking fish oils for a couple of years as the length of my illness plus a history of depression made me think that being fish/omega-3 (EPA in particular)-free for over 20yrs might have had negative consequences. I also continue to drink alcohol, which is a big no no but I feel I've given up/lost so much with this illness that I'm loathe to give up the odd night out/wine with dinner etc. I also haven't been able to buy the infrared sauna/sweat cabin she recommends, though may get that later in the year. Also, regarding caffeine what I do is mix equal measures of 'normal' ground and decaff ground (organic, fairtrade etc.) coffee, so that when I have my two cups of coffee with D-Ribose I'm only getting half the caffeine. I find it helps so long as i don't 'abuse' it and use coffee to get me through the day when I should be resting. I actually find it really helps and I don't seem to pay for it. I can see that those with a caffeine intolerance might struggle though. Its great to hear from someone following a similar treatment plan by the way, and I really hope you continue to feel stronger on it. I'm really pretty amazed at the results I'm getting so far - though the bottom line remains the same regarding rest and pacing and being sensible. Groan!!

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