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Hi. I have alot of the same symptoms you do. I am male and have been going through Chronic fatigue since February of 2004.
It started with a car crash where a volunteer fireman speeding to a call with a blue light on hit a patch of ice and slide into us at about 70 miles per hour.
Thank god the car we were in was an old heavy car.
Right after that a flu type virus popped up and lasted for a month and 1/2.
And came back as this horrible fatigue with the dizziness at times,extreme fatigue,acid reflux at times,and a general feeling of just not feeling good at all along with trouble concentrating and getting the words out.
I later found out I had,had Mono. The test showed Epstein Barr.
By June 2004 a Lyme test showed positive. A Dr. Gave a years worth of anti-Biotics and they did not help. In fact the anti biotics made me feel worse.
I am seeing a specialist now that told me I have C.F.S. and now Fibromyalgia popped up too. As if one of these flipping ailments was'nt bad enough.
Yes,guys get this too but it does seem like a lot more women get it.
In Ct. I know 3 men that have had this condition.
Have you started the testosterone treatments yet and if so,do you feel any better. Also how old are? Do fluorescent lights bother you and make you dizzy. For some C.F.S.sufferers,it does.
I am tired all the time. I have tried G.A.B.A. and it seems to help brain function and anxiety. It may make you feel a bit better.
I hope we all fel better. Peace and God Bless. Summer:angel:

[QUOTE=FEELBAD62;2990891]Thank you for the response. I did the saliva test and said I was Stage 2 of Adrenal Fatigue. Everything started about 2 years ago when I got a viral infection below my ear going down to my neck. About a week later I started developing a horrible parathesias in my neck, arms and back. Terrible burning. I was in constant pain with this for about 9 months and developed severe anxiety/depression due to the pain I was in. (Before this, I was in great physical health, except for low testosterone that I was treating with Androgel) The burning sensation subsided around last year, but I started developing chronic tension headaches, confusion, dizziness, no concentration and terrible fatigue. Went to one doctor after another who could find nothing wrong. I found a few weeks ago and wonderful Internal/Anti-Aging doctor who dx me with chronic fatigue/addrenal fatigue and has put me on weekly injections to raise my testosterone. He also has me on DSF and Ashwaganda for addrenal fatiuge and D-Ribose for chronic fatigue, along with Magnessium. Oh, I have also developed high blood pressure this year. Haven't started BP meds, yet; this doctor has put me on natural supplements to see if it will lower this way. I see that AlwaysTired is a male; is there any other males on this site???? Also wondering if anyone on here who has CFS has developed fibromyalgia too?[/QUOTE]

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