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I have been having symptoms of what could possibly be ME/CFS for 4 months now, and I'm trying to figure out what it could be.

It started back in April when I was studying abroad in England. I came down with what I think was viral tonsillitis. I felt rough and feverish, but wasn't completely bedridden. I also had tenderness on one side of my neck at a time that hurt to touch. I had this infection off and on for 8 weeks, the doctors tried penecillin a couple times, but I'm not sure if it worked as the infection kept returning, and would infect one side of my throat at a time, going back and forth.

Eventually after 2 months, the pain sort of settled permanently on the right side of my neck and throat, and the lymph nodes under my right ear and under my jaw became really tender and painful. They aren't super enlarged, but really hurt even just to move my neck slightly, and the pain travels up into my ear, through my jaw, and down to my collarbone sometimes. It also feels like the far right side of my throat is swollen as it hurts to swallow, but this may just be the node under my ear protruding into my throat? The nodes on the left side of my neck act up occasionally, but it's predominantly on the right.

Other symptoms I'm having:
The fever from my initial infection is gone, but I'm in a constant state of malaise, all achey and tired. I never wake up feeling refreshed no matter how much I sleep. I feel really out of it too. No joint pain, or pain anywhere besides my lymph glands, but I feel weak all over. I have also lost nearly 20 pounds in the last 5 months, and considering I only weigh 90 now that's a huge drop. My stamina is gone and I can't tolerate alcohol or doing anything fun. There is a direct correlation between when my lymph nodes acting up, the malaise, and feelings of nausea/loss of appetite. My IBS and anxiety have been terrible lately too. I'm beginning to get depressed mostly because I'm getting sick of being ill.

When I came back home to America from England 3 weeks ago, I went to a clinic and they ran some blood tests including CBC, mono, and thyroid, along with a chest x-ray and urine test. Everything came back completely normal. They wouldn't give me a Lyme test since I don't have any joint pain and never had a rash, and wouldn't test me for cytomegalovirus or HHV-6 because they say they're only a problem for pregnant women and people with AIDS.

I can't go to a specialist and get any other tests done right now because I have no health insurance, and am having trouble getting any since I have pre-existing symptoms. I've been too sick to get a job, and I don't really know where to go from here. Do my symptoms sound like they might be CFS? I'm considering trying again to get tested for the herpes viruses at the clinic, since there seems to be a huge connection with CFS, but I'm not sure if my symptom pattern would suggest that or not.

Oh and I'm not sure if this could be a factor, but the house I was living in was FULL OF MOLD for months before and during I was suffering from all the tonsil problems.

I know that I have only had these symptoms for 4 months, and it takes 6 to get officially diagnosed with CFS, but I really don't feel like I'm improving at all, if anything I'm getting worse.

I'm 24 years old and female btw. If anyone can give me any insight into this illness it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading all this!

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